An augmented reality (AR) limited NFT collection on the Cardano blockchain that can be used in compatible metaverse platforms and in your real universe. Your Ninja Skater utility triples by being able to serve as your digital identity as PFP (Picture For Proof) in texting and social media, as well as your Ninja Skater Club membership card; which grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is discounts on collections created by us, NFT Artisans, inside and out the NSC universe. We also aim to create future perks that will be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

The traits

Each Ninja Skater is unique and generated from over augmented reality (AR) 3D 260 possible traits, including physical aspect, expression, headwear, clothing, skateboard, weapons, and more. All Ninja Skaters are dope, with their PFP and AR 3D models, but some are rarer than others. ➡️ Know everything about the traits and tiers.

The Ninja Skater are stored as non-fungible tokens on the Cardano blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a Ninja Skater will cost 40 ADA. ➡️ Buy your Ninja Skater.